IPTV and Smart TV Explained

When we browse the internet, we choose which websites we want to view and when we want to view them. However, TV viewing has always been limited to a schedule of programmes on specific days and at specific times.

Protecting Your Home Against Fire

In the UK, approximately 500 deaths a year are the result of preventable domestic fires, yet there are many fire prevention and warning devices on the market today to ensure you’re alerted in time and can escape before it’s too late.


Midland Digital Sponsor Phoenix Rangers

Midland Digital are delighted to announce our recent sponsorship for Phoenix Rangers under 10’s football team. Midland Digital as a company are extremely happy to be associated with such a talented local football team,


5 Advantages of CCTV

CCTV is an effective security device used in many public and private areas such as hospitals, schools, care homes, building sites and shops. Although the main purpose of CCTV is to record movement and deter criminal acts,

Door access control - Midland Digital solution options

Advantages of having an Access Control System

Whether you are at home or at work, everyone wants to feel secure whether you are there or not. Using an access control system is a new and innovative way of allowing people to feel secure wherever they are and have control at all times.

Digital television production concept, remote control TV.

Most Popular Sky Bundles

Today, not only is the thought of a home without a TV unimaginable, but also a home without a flatscreen HD TV!

For the ultimate choice in TV viewing,


Benefits of wall mounted TVs

In this new age of flat screen TVs there are many homeowners who are mounting their TVs directly on the wall. If you are wondering whether you should follow this trend or not,