Automated Gates

Whether you are looking for an automated gate for your private residence or for a large gated community
/Automated Gates

Automated gates and parking barriers fitted for domestic and commercial clients

Whether you are looking for an automated gate for your private residence or for a large gated community, we here at Midland Digital Installations can help. We install full automated gate systems and also parking barriers for car parks and entrances to buildings and homes, either as a one-off installation for domestic clients or as an on-going service to businesses and communities.

Automated gates and barriers offer your business or home a primary line of defence against unwanted access. The provision of entry and exit barriers will give you a manageable system that can not only regulate the vehicles which enter your premises, but control the speed of the vehicle once they have entered as well.

Midland Digital Installations can provide high quality automated gates and barriers that can be integrated into your existing control systems. Alternatively, we can provide you with an access control system that is tailored to your requirements.

Car Parking Barriers

We can also supply car parking barriers for the following:

  • Residential car parks
  • Commercial car parks
  • Shopping centres
  • Staff car parks
  • Hotel, hospital and university car parks

All of our car parking barriers enable the smooth and easy flow of traffic throughout the day so if you are looking for a way to make your premises secure and facilitate the parking of many vehicles in a controlled, safe manner then we can help you.

We can even help you out with renovation and replacement of existing automated gates or parking barriers, or help repair your faulty system. For more information contact us now on 0330 333 7268


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