Your peace of mind is always kept at the forefront of any CCTV system we design and install

Why install CCTV?

The use of CCTV has increasingly become the top gadget of choice for any security arsenal. CCTV is being used in many businesses public and private, including care homes, schools, shops and building sites.

The main role a CCTV system plays is deterring criminals and recording movement, but a system can be much more than this. A good system can save a business money and various ways, from better insurance premiums to worker safety, there is many additional benefits to a CCTV system installed which are not to be missed.

Our Services

Whether you are concerned about your home security or want to further protect your business, a CCTV system is ideal. Your peace of mind is always kept at the forefront of any CCTV system we design and install.

Working with you to identify your needs, we plan out everything from the number of CCTV cameras you will need to the fibre optics to make the system work. Midland Digital Installations offer a complete design and installation service for Closed Circuit Television systems to residential and business premises.

Our CCTV systems will offer you a deterrent against focused and opportunistic crime. A CCTV system will enable you to monitor access to site perimeters, observe unauthorised activities, insure personal safety and reduce theft and damage. Affordable image recording now means that the quality of evidence is far superior than before and gives you a crucial edge over any intruder.

Our CCTV systems can also be operated remotely which means that they can be located anywhere and you can still monitor your site/sites. This type of service is ideal for schools, colleges, councils, local and national government offices and large/small multiple sites.

Got an old CCTV system? No problem, we can repair, refurbish or replace any existing equipment. Simply get in touch and let us know.


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