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We specialists in all aspects of IPTV and Smart TV installation
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Midland Digital Installations are specialists in all aspects of IPTV and Smart TV installation. We are renowned for the quality of our service, knowledge and ability to respond quickly to your needs. We offer a free callout and quotation service and are recognised as being one of the leading IPTV and Smart TV installation companies in the West Midlands.

IPTV and Smart TV explained

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It is essentially digital television delivered to your TV through a high speed internet broadband connection. All TV channels are encoded in IP format and delivered to the TV through a set top box. Video on demand is part of the IPTV service. Smart TV is an integration between internet and television technology. Smart TVs have a greater emphasis on internet TV, on-demand content, interactive media and streaming media.

IPTV and Smart TV systems installations for hotels

Midland Digital Installations are able to design and install a networked TV system from computer based cabling (cat5). This is often used in hotels where you can have server control for normal TV and pay TV content with easy to manage billing options. Midland Digital Installations are able to design a digital entertainment system for hotels which can be tailored to their requirements. This system gives hotels the facility to offer their guests a choice of TV, movies and news. From the latest films to captivating TV documentaries, hotels are able to give their guests high quality HD video on demand.

IPTV for the home

IPTV is also available in the home. Midland Digital Installations can set up IPTV in your home so that you can use such services as Sky and Netflix. We can also help you stream 3D content over your home network.

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