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Having the flexibility for you and your family to watch TV
/Multi point tv

Having the flexibility for you and your family to watch TV when and where you like is an important feature of TV installation and with our Multi-Point TV installation service we can help you achieve this.

Whether you want to watch TV in the kitchen, bedroom or conservatory we can help you with a multi room TV installation service that will enable you to watch what you like, where you like. In fact, your whole family could be watching different things in different rooms – that’s the beauty of multi-point TV!

The Benefits of Multi-Point TV

As well as being able to watch a variety of different programmes in different rooms, other benefits include the superior quality that you receive with High Definition TV and the superb choice of entertainment, whether its HDTV, HD DVD, HD Movies, Xbox games or Play Station – all of these can be enjoyed in the rooms of your choice.

Sky Multiroom Installation Service

It’s also possible to enjoy Sky Digital TV in any room. All you need is the correct subscription and Sky boxes for the relevant rooms – we can organise and install all of this for you.

Ask us about our Sky Multiroom Installation service.

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