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If your property is not properly protected against the risk of fire, then it could end up costing you a lot. Whatever type of property you own, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the occupants are safe and that risk is mitigated as much as possible.

We offer a range of Smoke Heat and Exhaust Ventilation (SHEV) systems that are suitable for all types of buildings. Our systems are designed to ensure the safe exit of occupants from the building in the event of a fire as well as making it easier to fight the fire in its early stages.


Where residential buildings are concerned, it’s always necessary to think about the escape of multiple occupants. Because a fire is most likely to start in an occupant’s apartment, a lot of smoke is likely to enter the lobby area of the building and put other residents at risk. This is why we position the ventilation system in a way that ventilates the smoke in this area and allows for the safe exit of the occupants.

An Automatic Opening Vent (AOV) can be used in conjunction with a mechanical extract system to remove smoke from common areas. The AOV is placed on the exterior wall of the building or in a vertical smoke shaft.


A lot of modern hospitals will make use of an atrium in order to provide the health benefits of natural light. The atrium can also be used for smoke ventilation. In tall buildings with deep basements and large floor areas, fire fighting cores are used in order to allow safe access for the fire services.

Natural or powered smoke extraction systems can be used in hospitals and placed within the atria or fire fighting cores depending on the type of building.


Commercial buildings are quite a challenge when it comes to fire protection since they’re typically very tall, with plenty of open space which makes it much easier for fire to spread. Also, it’s very easy for smoke to get into new areas of the building when workers are trying to evacuate unless a good ventilation system is in place.

Smoke extraction can be achieved in commercial buildings through the use of powered or natural smoke extraction systems that are placed in the fire fighting cores or atria, depending on the building.


Fire safety is incredibly important in education buildings since there are so many students inside at any one time. Most education buildings have an atrium to allow plenty of natural light into the classrooms. This presents a significant for smoke ventilation.

In order to achieve good smoke ventilation it’s necessary to use low level inlet vents so that fresh air can get in and let the natural buoyancy of the hot gases rise and escape through the high level vents. What this does is create a layer of breathable air at the right height so that students can safely evacuate the building and the fire services can tackle the fire effectively


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