Door Access Control

Access control systems enable you to provide restricted access to any type of property
/Door Access Control

Security should be a high priority for any type of organisation. Whilst alarms and CCTV provides some protection, an access control system gives you much greater control over the security of a building.
Access control systems enable you to provide restricted access to any type of property or room through the use of swipe cards/fobs, coded keypads or biometrics. A key advantage to using an access control system is that because everything’s connected to one network, it means you can manage security from one point.

Midland Digital Installations are able to provide and install access control systems for any type of property and can create bespoke solutions that are perfectly suited to your business.

Which system is right for your business?

In order to decide which type of system is right for your business, it’s important to look at certain factors. These include –

• What level of security is required? – Whilst all access control systems provide a good level of security, some are more secure than others. For example a swipe card system is less secure than biometrics since anyone with a card can get access. The level of security needed will usually depend on the type of business you run.
• How many doors need securing? – This is another key consideration. Swipe card systems are especially good when you want to secure multiple doors whereas a biometric of keypad system are ideal for single door security.
• Volume of people – If there are a large volume of people going in and out of the door each day then you need to think about practicality as well as security.

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