The Many Benefits of CCTV Camera Installation for Your Home

//The Many Benefits of CCTV Camera Installation for Your Home
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The Many Benefits of CCTV Camera Installation for Your Home

When most people think of a surveillance system they usually think about big businesses, but that’s not always the case. Read more to learn about the many benefits that having a CCTV camera installation for your home can offer you now!

CCTV Camera Installation

Earlier this year, a campaign was launched demanding every care home in Britain be fitted with CCTV cameras to protect the elderly residents living there. From care homes to private homes, more and more people are relying on this technology to protect their loved ones.

Of course, CCTV camera installation has been a common practice for business owners for as long as the technology has been around. But, these days, more and more homeowners are choosing to protect their personal property in much the same way.

Since we all work hard to create loving and comfortable homes, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t keep an eye on them, from near or afar.

Ready to discuss some of the top benefits of CCTV camera installation for your home? You may even be surprised at some of these hidden perks, including insurance deductions!

Crime Deterrent

Of course, one of the first and most obvious benefits of CCTV camera installation is the ability to deter crime.

Have you ever watched a crime shows on TV where the detective asks the shop owner for copies of their surveillance footage but the shop owner admits the cameras don’t work? They were only up there for show.

Indeed, the simple act of installing a security camera is a small step toward total security coverage. But, of course, you’re going to want to opt for full installation and make sure all your cameras are fully operational as soon as they’re installed.

Total Control

Has there ever been a moment when you’ve tried to peek out the window but you can’t see the angle you’re aiming for?

Well, home CCTV installation comes with total control over every angle and blind spot on your property. Now, you’ll be able to check the entire perimeter of your home right from your smartphone.

Unfortunately, we’re also prone to the occasional unwanted visitor, late at night, after we’ve settled in for the evening.

If ever you want to avoid answering the door but don’t want to make it obvious that you’re home, your handy CCTV camera will tell you if that’s someone you want to crawl out from under the blankets for.

Recording Options

When you install CCTV cameras, you’ll have the option of simply surveilling the grounds or recording everything the cameras capture.

If the worst thing were to happen and your home is broken into, the footage from your CCTV camera will help investigators nab the criminal who invaded your home.

In truth, CCTV cameras are able to help with even slightly more benign circumstances.

Around the holiday season, some of the most heartless crooks in the world like to steal packages delivered to the front door that was supposed to carry Christmas cheer.

Having a camera installed somewhere in the vicinity of your doorbell could be enough to catch the evildoer who attempts to steal packages from the doorsteps of those hard at work.

Insurance Deductions

With home security systems becoming more and more common these days, there’s one industry that stands to benefit from all these installations – the home insurance industry.

When homeowners take steps to secure their property and reduce the likelihood of property damage or vandalism, they’re also reducing the likelihood they’ll ever have to file a claim. This is plenty of motivation for insurance providers to reduce your monthly insurance rates.

Travel Perks

How can a CCTV camera benefit your one-week vacation in Barcelona? Well, it provides total peace of mind. Every evening, after you’ve settled in for the night, you can check in on things back at home.

Check the camera installed in the living room, do a virtual walk around the perimeter of your home by checking in on each camera, from every angle.

Now, you don’t have to worry about adding a couple days on to any of your vacations. You’ll have the ability to check in on house and home, no matter where in the world you roam.

Pet Check-Ins

Have the kiddos recently tricked you into adopting your very own household pet? Perhaps your new pooch didn’t come housetrained.

Or, worse, perhaps your new four-legged friend is a chewer. Use your CCTV cameras to check in throughout the day and see what kind of trouble your new family member is stirring up.

Guest Check-Ins

If ever you have last-minute guests show up at your door but, perhaps, you still have to report to the office in the morning, you can use that living room camera for a sly check-in or two.

This option is slightly more uncouth, but it’s still an honest option. Our houses are our sanctuaries and there’s no harm in being protective of them.

Minimal Maintenance

The benefits of security cameras are like the gifts that keep on giving. They generally require very little maintenance.

From time to time, you could walk around the house and clean the small glass surfaces, in case any dirt or grime is starting to create a bit of a filter on the footage.

But, generally speaking, as long as there’s a strong WiFi signal, you’ll be good to go.

CCTV Camera Installation Options Abound

Perhaps one of the best perks of CCTV camera installation is that the options abound. It’s entirely up to you to install as many cameras as you’d like, in as many positions as you’d like.

You can go as low-tech or as high-tech as you’d like, and consider many different software options.

Here at Midland Digital, we have a wealth of CCTV options for you to consider. Of course, we’ll help you all the way through the installation process.

And, finally, no CCTV system would be complete without a home alarm system to tie into your surveillance system. Our team can help you assess your property and decide if a wired or wireless system is to your benefit.

No matter your charted course, we’ll help you sleep in peace at night and travel with ease, knowing your loved ones and home are secure. Contact us today for a free quote!