Surveillance Cameras for Your Business: Worth the Investment?

//Surveillance Cameras for Your Business: Worth the Investment?
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Surveillance Systems for Businesses: Worth the Investment?

Something many business owners mull over is whether or not they should invest in surveillance equipment. Check out this article to learn more on if a surveillance system for your business really is worth the investment or not.

Surveillance Systems for Businesses

If you run a small business, you may have considered surveillance equipment.

You may have concerns about the cost and invasion of privacy. But often, the benefits of business surveillance systems far outweigh the drawbacks.

An advantage of surveillance systems is the protection from business crime they offer.

Business crime acts as a barrier to growth for the UK’s 5.4 million small businesses. And, in the worst cases, crime can put many smaller firms out of business. This is because small businesses often find they cannot absorb the unexpected costs.

Here we explain everything to consider before investing in surveillance systems for businesses.

Considering Potential Business Threats

Installing a business surveillance system is an important decision. First, you need to consider how it could help you minimise potential threats to your business.

These threats can depend on the size and nature of your company. You might find that some issues are more likely to impact on your business than others.

Here are some potential threats that surveillance systems can protect small businesses from:


As mentioned above, business crime can be a real threat to small businesses. While this also includes cybercrime, surveillance cameras help prevent non-cyber crimes. And one of the man worries for many small businesses is theft.

The presence of a security camera can be enough to deter a prospective thief. And, if thieves do strike, you can identify them from improved-quality camera footage.

If your business is open to the public then theft may be more likely. But, it’s not always outsiders who steal. Employee theft costs British businesses over 190 million pounds each year. And two-thirds of UK-office based workers admit to stealing from their workplace.

Often, the only sure way to reclaim your assets is to catch the culprit in the act with security footage. And, knowing that they are being monitored might cause them to rethink their actions.

Productivity Issues

Time theft is another way that your employees may have a negative effect on your business.

Business surveillance systems help create a more productive workforce. Knowing they are being watched cuts the chance that employees waste time chatting and using social media instead of working.

Security cameras also enable you to check when your employees enter and leave the workplace.

Workplace Safety

A surveillance system does not only track employee behaviour. It also helps to protect your workers

Security systems monitoring entrances, exits, and car parks help to create a safe environment for your employees. Knowing you are looking out for them can strengthen the relationship between you and your workers.

Surveillance cameras on your premises also check that employees are following safety regulations.

Accidents can happen in any place of work. But, if your business deals with hazardous materials or machinery then you are more at risk.

Surveillance cameras can help spot safety irregularities and prevent accidents. They can also provide evidence if an accident occurs.

Security and Access

If your business involves expensive equipment or sensitive data, security is a big concern.

An advantage of using security sensors and cameras is the ability for you to monitor access to your premises.

And, thanks to today’s advanced security systems, you can identify who is entering or exiting your business at any time.

Denying access to those who fail to meet security requirements is invaluable for the security of your business.

Cost Recuperation

Installing a business surveillance system doesn’t only help you to minimise potential threats.

Security cameras for business premises can also have many unexpected financial benefits. These benefits can help towards recuperating the initial cost of the surveillance equipment:

Reduced Insurance Premiums

A less obvious benefit of installing a security system is the potential to cut your business insurance premiums.

By protecting your business, you are less of a liability for them and make their job easier.

For the insurance company, a surveillance system offers reassurance. Extra security measures show that your business, employees, and customers are all well-protected.

And, that as a result, the possibility of insurance claims for fire, liability suits, vandalism, and theft is less likely. But, should they occur, evidence is always available through your security footage.

Operational Improvements

By monitoring how your business operates on a day-to-day basis, you can find ways to improve it. This often means saving money.

Surveillance cameras can pick up on things that you might never have noticed. Your employees may take extended breaks or give free drinks and meals to friends.

Security systems can help you save money in a direct way by cutting down on time theft and freebies.

Plus, in customer-driven businesses such as shops and bars, a more productive workforce can also mean more profits. Focused and productive employees become more attentive to customers, increasing sales.

Surveillance footage can also highlight if your business is under or overstaffed. Or, it can show how you might need to rearrange work schedules to fit with busier and slower days, maximising the potential for profits.

Better Customer Experience

Surveillance systems don’t only safeguard against unwanted behaviour. They can also track customer behaviour and habits.

If your business is open to customers, this data will be invaluable for helping you to create a better customer experience and increase profits.

By analysing your surveillance footage, you can determine what has the biggest impact on customer decisions.

This could be promotional displays, seating arrangements or product placement. And it can also watch how customers navigate your premises and what draws their attention.

Surveillance Systems for Businesses are Worth the Investment

As the owner, you know your small business better than anyone.

But, a surveillance system can help you learn more about your business. And this information can help you improve profits and minimise potential risks.

Investing in a surveillance system is not a decision you should take lightly. But, it’s clear that there are many advantages for those who choose to invest in business surveillance.

If you have any questions about surveillance systems for businesses, feel free to contact us for more information.