4 of the Latest Trends for UK TV Sets

//4 of the Latest Trends for UK TV Sets
Closeup of a tablet is connected to a smart TV.

4 of the Latest Trends for UK TV Sets

We’ve come a long way from the 8 inch, black and white TV sets of yesteryear.

Today, it boggles the mind what the modern television is capable of. From voice-activated tech to picture resolution that sometimes dwarfs real life, television technology is rocketing forward.

If you’re looking for a new TV set this year, we’ve put together a list of some of the newest trends to look for in television. Take a look.

Smart TV Tech

If you don’t own a smart TV, chances are you’ve at least heard of them, probably from Craig at the water cooler, who won’t stop gushing about his.

And while Craig might be ridiculous, he’s not wrong about Smart TV sets.

Smart TV tech eliminates the need for other entertainment system add-ons. Where once you might have needed a service like Roku to keep all your streaming services in one place, now your TV can do it instead.

The main page of a Smart TV can take you to your Netflix, Hulu, even HBO account, ensuring that streaming and watching is a seamless transition.

Thinner TV Sets

We’ve been talking about this trend for years. Every time we turn about, it seems that TV sets are thinner and thinner.

Companies like Samsung and Phillips recently unveiled televisions that are nearly as thin as the newest model iPhone. Other companies have managed to create prototypes as thin as wallpaper, and LG has even created a transparent model. Practical? No. Impressive? Obviously.

As TV sets take up less space, they can continue to become more affordable and provide better quality picture and sound in less space.

TV Assistants

At this point, we are all familiar with Alexa and the Google Assistant. Information and shopping are only a voice command away with these new technologies. But now, that tech can be integrated into your television.

Some newer models don’t require a remote control, instead relying on your voice to change channels and select shows.

Full integration is a ways off yet, but stay on the lookout for a TV that acts more and more like your smartphone.

4K Technology

Picture quality is exploding at the moment. 1080p High-definition TVs are the norm now, and coming quickly behind is the newer 4K UHD tech,

4K Ultra High Definition TVs boast the ability to have picture quality beyond what your eyes can actually detect, meaning it’s so good that it may be beyond human capacity.

4K is also becoming more affordable, with lower-priced TV manufacturers bringing their own models to stores.

Keeping an Eye on the Trends

Technology changes at a lightning pace, and keeping up can feel like a full-time job in itself. Television is pushing the limits in terms of size, picture quality, and accessibility, improving entertainment accessibility for consumers everywhere.

So if you are looking into a new TV set this year, keep an eye on the newer models to really get your money’s worth.

And for help getting the most out of your Smart TV, contact us today.