Benefits of wall mounted TVs

//Benefits of wall mounted TVs

In this new age of flat screen TVs there are many homeowners who are mounting their TVs directly on the wall. If you are wondering whether you should follow this trend or not, here is a short list of what we see as the benefits of wall mounted TVs.


  1. Improve the visual appearance of any room

If you mount your TV on a wall, your room will instantly look less cluttered. By wall mounting it is much easier to cover the wires from the TV and get a sleek look to your room. In most cases, mounted TVs leave a space of just 1-3 inches from the wall so it gives a very clean, modern look. When you’re not watching it, you can even use the TV for a photo slideshow to add interest.


  1. Get additional space

If you usually put the TV on a cabinet or special piece of furniture for this purpose, then you’re taking up valuable space. In addition, you must be happy that this piece of furniture is stable and suitable for the TV. It is very difficult (and costly) to find the right stand, table or object for this purpose that will match the overall appearance of your home. All these problems will be gone if you simply mount your TV on the wall.


  1. The best viewing angle

Finding the best viewing angle is very important for your overall viewing experience and for the health of your eyes. Eye strain or neck strain are diminished when the TV is placed and erected in the right way.


  1. Modern TVs are made for mounting

Plasma, LCD, and LED are made for mounting. You will notice that every modern TV comes with pre-made holes and other features that allow for fast mounting. This is how they are meant to be viewed.


  1. Mounting a TV with the help of a professional is easy

There are many service providers that will get this job done in a quick and professional manner at a reasonable price and guess what, we’re one of them!


If we’ve convinced you that mounting your TV is the best way forward, then contact us now and we will arrange for an installation!