Most Popular Sky Bundles

//Most Popular Sky Bundles
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Today, not only is the thought of a home without a TV unimaginable, but also a home without a flatscreen HD TV!

For the ultimate choice in TV viewing, you can’t beat the bundles and box sets offered by Sky. Here’s a look at three of the favourite bundles that you can add to your original Sky TV package, to perfectly customise your viewing experience.



If you’re a new subscriber to Sky, then the Family bundle is a great place to start. You’ll get the choice of over 50 entertainment channels with the stunning picture quality of HD. What’s more, you’ll also have 350 on-demand box sets to choose from. You can sit and watch the complete series of your favourite show, whenever you want to, episode after episode. There’s an amazing choice of the top shows that everyone’s talking about including:

  • True Detective
  • Chicago Firesmart-tv1
  • True Blood
  • Broadchurch
  • Downton Abbey

Box sets are available in Drama, Entertainment, Comedy and ABC TV selections.

And if you miss a programme from one of the other channels, you can relax and enjoy it with Catch Up TV.

You can customise the family bundle to include extras such as Sky Sports or Sky Cinema for a tailor-made bundle to keep everyone happy.


For dedicated movie lovers, Sky Cinema offers 11 HD channels in specific genres such as comedy, drama and romance and 1,000 on-demand movies including the most recent box office hits.


For dedicated sports fans the Sports bundle gives you live and exclusive coverage of a number of sporting tournaments. Football fans can enjoy 126 Premier League games and the UEFA Champions League. The 7 dedicated sports channels also offer Formula One, test series, rugby and major tennis tournaments.

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