Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Theatre

//Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Theatre

If you want to design the perfect home theatre, you’ll need to consider more factors than buying a mega screen TV and sticking a couple of armchairs in front of it. Designing the perfect room for your home cinema requires thought and good feng shui. There’s comfort, style, aesthetics and obviously performance to consider.


Here are a few tips for creating the perfect home theatre experience.


Surfaces can have different effects on the acoustics of a room. Too many hard surfaces such as wooden floors and mirrors can bounce sound. Too many soft absorbent materials such as heavy curtains, plush carpets, sofas and cushions can deaden acoustic sounds. A combination of the two is needed for perfect acoustic balance.

Install padded walls to soundproof the room so you can enjoy surround sound without disturbing the neighbours.


The right type of lighting is crucial for the perfect home theatre experience. Soft, LED lighting will help to minimise eyestrain and add warmth to your room. Automated lights can be programmed with your screen to dim when the movie starts and brighten when paused or ended.


Dark colours such as grey, brown and green will absorb light rather than projecting it back at the screen. Bright colours such as red will cause on-screen colour distortion so aim for neutral shades to reduce light reflection.


Ask your installer to hide wires behind walls; you don’t want exposed wires snaking around the room.

Finally, consider what screen size to choose to fit the room and place seating at the right distance for optimum enjoyment. If you want rowed seating, install risers so all can enjoy unobstructed viewing. Alternatively, choose sofas for a more relaxed and informal look.

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